Hurricane Preparation for awnings is what we do in a nutshell regarding hurricane preparation in general. We are not a service that boards up your windows and cleans up your yard of clutter.

Hurricane Preparation for awnings involves taking the awnings down before hurricane season and reinstalling them after hurricane season. We prefer to store people’s awnings at their own place or facility during the hurricane season, but we do have storage space if you don’t have any of your own or are limited in storage space.

Hurricanes can obviously wreck havoc on an awning and you don’t want to have your awning up during those times of nasty winds & flying debris. Some people have left their awnings up only to have them completely destroyed by a hurricane. That is a total bummer to see after surviving a hurricane, but we can come by and fix it or install a new one for you. We make custom awnings for all kinds of buildings an clients; both commercial and residential.

We like the opportunity to ensure that your awning survives the hurricane season by managing it for you at a reasonable cost. Our awning installation clients benefit by this because we sign up most of them with our hurricane preparation service for awnings.

Don’t let hurricane damage happen to your awning.

Sign up for hurricane preparation service for awnings today!