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Awning Contractors in Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

Awning Contractors & Designers, Inc. is an awning installation, awning fabrication, awning design, awning repair and awning cleaning company. We frequently service residential and commercial awning clients in the Boynton Beach area and throughout Palm Beach County, FL.

Awning Contractors & Designers, Inc. is a full service, licensed & insured contractor with 20 years of experience in the industry. Many buildings in South Florida have benefited by our expertise and fair pricing. We guarantee top quality work at the best prices. Check out our many galleries of completed work to see the caliber of work that we do. We design & fabricate using various metals that are appropriate for the job. Our welders are some of the best in the business and the quality of their welds is superb. The right tools, training and expertise are very important when creating the frame for an awning, retractable awning, spiral staircase, custom window frame or gate. The finish work is also vital a key component in making sure the presentation of the completed project is beautiful and stays that way long term. Give Awning Contractors & Design a chance to exceed your expectations.

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Awning installation in Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

Call us for residential and commercial awning installation in Ocean Ridge!

Awning installation is what we do best. We cover all details; concept, design, fabrication, installation, cleaning and repairs for older or damaged awnings.  Awning Contractors & Design has over 20 years of experience and offers the best quality work at the very best prices around. No wonder we have large corporate and even celebrity clients who take advantage of our services. We do an outstanding job! Give us a call and make an appointment to go over your needs and budget. Call 561-503-5020.

Awning Repairs in Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

Call us for residential and commercial awning repair in Ocean Ridge!

Part of having an awning or multiple awnings is the eventual need to clean and/or repair it. No big deal; we can handle this for you and at an affordable price. We figure out what needs to be done and take the most efficient course of action to keep costs down. After all, you spent enough money getting an awning in the first place; you don't want to have to duplicate that cost again. We understand.

Hurricane Preparation in Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

Interested in hurricane preparation service for awnings in Ocean Ridge?

Hurricane Preparation for awnings is what we do in a nutshell regarding hurricane preparation in general. We are not a service that boards up your windows and cleans up your yard of clutter.

Hurricane Preparation for awnings involves taking the awnings down before hurricane season and reinstalling them after hurricane season. We prefer to store people's awnings at their own place or facility during the hurricane season, but we do have storage space if you don't have any of your own or are limited in storage space.

Hurricanes can obviously wreck havoc on an awning and you don't want to have your awning up during those times of nasty winds & flying debris. Some people have left their awnings up only to have them completely destroyed by a hurricane. That is a total bummer to see after surviving a hurricane, but we can come by and fix it or install a new one for you. We make custom awnings for all kinds of buildings an clients; both commercial and residential.

We like the opportunity to ensure that your awning survives the hurricane season by managing it for you at a reasonable cost. Our awning installation clients benefit by this because we sign up most of them with our hurricane preparation service for awnings.

Don't let the following problems happen to you.

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